When was the last time you thought about what you would need to do if a disaster occurred or was imminent? What would your neighborhood, community or place of employment need to do?
There is no shortage of information online that can help families, schools and businesses be more prepared for the expected — and unexpected. Still, we have to make a choice to take the first step and start today to be prepared.
Tips to prepare for emergencies & disasters

Through Habitat’s disaster response work, you see what happens to communities that have suffered great loss and are on the path to recovering from hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other disasters. Today — as we stand with others across the U.S. to kick off the first National Day of Action for America’s PrepareAthon — we’d like to share simple tips that will help you and those closest to you better prepare for emergencies and disasters:

  1. Know what you’re up against. It’s easy to assume that we know the hazards most likely to occur in our community. But why guess when you can get the answer from the experts? Contact your local emergency management office, insurance providers or the American Red Cross chapter in your area for more details.
  2. Keep supplies with you. Disaster kits for every type of budget and scenario are out there, but that doesn’t mean you have to wait to buy all of the supplies you need at once. Start small, and gather what you can, when you can, on regular grocery shopping trips and other errands. The person in the best position to know what your kids, pets and relatives will need is you.
  3. Make sure others know your plan. Everyone in your household should know the plan. Neighbors, relatives in another town or state and friends from school or church will have a hard time helping you in a time of need if they don’t know your evacuation location.
Tell us what you are doing to be more prepared by commenting on this post, using the hashtag #PrepareAthon on Twitter or sharing your suggestions on Facebook.
Most importantly, don’t wait for the next disaster. Start preparing today.