Snowman June smallWhen you read the headlines “Housing Recovery Increasingly Prices Out First-Time Buyers” and “Higher Credit Scores of Successful Mortgage Borrowers Rises to 760” and combine that with the local statistics, you can easily understand why first-time home buyers are increasingly getting left behind in the real-estate recovery. These buyers, typically couples and families in their late 20s or early 30s, are being priced out of the market or may not qualify.

The Mt Washington Valley affiliate of Habitat for Humanity is working to change that and needs your help. We believe decent and affordable homes build a stable and strong community for our schools, our economy, and for our future.

Our new project on North Road in Conway will bring 4 new units into the market in 2 years.  These condominiums are priced for the first time buyer. Combined with our zero interest, 30-year mortgages, we are able to qualify families who otherwise are either priced out of the market or could not qualify because of their credit score.

A Habitat home is not a hand out, it is a hand up. To qualify an applicant must have:

  • Lived or worked in the Mt. Washington Valley area for at least a year.
  • Have a minimum gross household income of $25,000 per year and a maximum of $40,000, depending on family size.
  • Willing to participate in training sessions that will help develop skills in homeownership including budgeting, home maintenance, and repair
  • Work 300 hours of sweat equity per during the building process
  • Pay about $1,800 toward closing costs.

Home ownership is only part of the success that we achieve.  Habitat homeowners gain a sense of community and volunteerism.  Home ownership roots families in the community and creates stability for them and their children.  Families are not concerned about moving yearly. They know where their children will be going to school. Their monthly payments for housing are constant in the future.  The cost of house maintenance and heating are controlled because the homes are well insulated.

For more information and to apply, go to

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