Consider a Charitable IRA Rollover Gift

Seniors who want to help their community

Habitat for Humanity is built on the concept of people working together to provide needed housing in the Mt Washington Valley. This includes:

* Homeowners putting in “sweat equity”
* Volunteers helping to build the housing
* Local businesses providing materials, financial support etc.
* Community members providing financial contribution

Senior citizens can help by considering a charitable IRA Rollover gift that has the following qualifications for tax benefits:

* the contributor must be 70 1/2 at the time a gift is made
* the transfer must come directly from the IRA administrator to Habitat for Humanity
* the gift must be outright

Your gift:

* will count toward your 2013 required IRA minimum distribution
* will be tax-free
* will be excluded from your 2013 income
* may offer relief from new tax rules for 2013 and
* will allow Habitat for Humanity to provided needed housing for your community

Specific tax questions should be referred to your tax advisor. Contact us for more information.
Thank you!