It all started with a chance meeting at one of the Chamber’s After Hours events in the February time frame when Bob Holdsworth, Habitat’s PR chairman struck up a conversation with one of Cranmore Mountain Resort‘s sales staff. Bob asked if Cranmore worked with non-profits and was told yes and that Beth Hutchins, Cranmore’s Human Resources director was in charge of the Cranmore Cares program.

In ensuing conversations Beth asked what sort of activities they would be doing on the build, adding that they had a pretty versatile group. Bob replied that Habitat provides on site construction management to coordinate the work effort. All of the construction management and supervisors are from the industry with extensive experience. Special skills are not required; anyone with an extra pair of hands can be put to work whatever the task may be.

Together Bob and Beth agreed on Saturday, April 12th. Approximately seven volunteers from Cranmore came to 42 North Rd. in Conway and were ready to get their instructions at 8:30am. Their volunteerism is part of the community involvement in helping build simple, decent homes with and for our neighbors in need. Thank you to the Cranmore team!!!!

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