This is how it works:

1. The donor of an item e-mails a completed form providing item description, its picture and contact information for use by Habitat only.

2. Habitat posts the item on its web page with a picture, description and asking price. The first person to bid the asking price is awarded the bid. Other bids are held and compared.

3. Bidders fill out a online form providing name, phone, e-mail address, item number and bid amount as well as any other relative information.

4. Habitat awards the bid and contacts the successful bidder to make payment via PayPal

5. Once paid, Habitat will provide the donor of the item an E-mail with all needed information to contact the buyer and arrange for pickup of the item. In addition, relative tax information is also included.

6. The purchaser of the item is notified via E-mail that they will be contacted by the donor within
3 days.


* The Donor can request that the price of their item be lowered to move it more quickly if
* The Donor controls all contact information for pickup to help assure confidentiality.
* Habitat representative can be contacted via E-mail or phone to address any related issues
* By helping us to keep our costs down, MWV Habitat for Humanity is able to:
~ Help donors move items to others with a need for that item
~ Provide great buys for our supporters
~ Have greater funding to build houses as “neighbors helping neighbors ”

The bid form can be found at the bottom of the “Yard Sale Review” page.