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Do I Qualify for Habitat for Humanity Home?

Our purpose at Habitat for Humanity is to build homes with families and sell them at no profit and with a no interest mortgage to families who could not otherwise afford a home. We are financed through private donations, grants, and utilize volunteer labor.

Answer these questions:

Do you have a need?

Are you willing to contribute 300 hours of sweat equity?

If so, please go to the Qualifications page for more information.

Or write, call, or e-mail 
office@mwv-habitat.org so that we may put your name on our list of potential applicants and contact you when the Family Selection Committee is accepting applications.

Please contact us if you have any questions. The phone number is 603-356-3832. Please state your name and address clearly.

Learn about a special program by clicking AHEAD: Affordable Housing, Education and Development. AHEAD is a community-based housing development organization dedicated to help families build and preserve their financial assets.